Specialists in Director Disqualification, Commercial Litigation, Insolvency and Restructuring and Insolvency Litigation.

Also specialising in Regulatory Disputes and Construction Disputes.

City and Office pictureNeil Davies & Partners, Solicitors (‘NDP’) is a specialist niche Law Firm focusing on six main areas of law: Director Disqualification, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insolvency Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Regulatory Disputes and Construction Disputes.

We aim to solve the problems faced by our corporate and individual clients in these practice areas, using the combined expertise and experience within the NDP Team.

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We offer very competitive pricing, to include working with your insurers or we can agree fixed stage fees and affordable payment plans.

Our charge rates are often significantly lower that other specialists in our work areas.

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5 Facts

Director Disqualification is on the increase. We know what the Insolvency Service wants and we know what the best solutions for our clients are and how to achieve them when they are facing director disqualification. The key issue for a director facing a director disqualification problem is to act early, to maximise options. Click here to see our 5 Helpful Facts about Director Disqualification and how to deal with it.


Misfeasance Claims are increasing. Often brought by Liquidators against directors, Misfeasance Claims usually involve an allegation of the misapplication of money or company property and, therefore, of directors breaching their fiduciary duties. We specialise in helping to defend directors against Misfeasance Claims. So, if you are a director and have received a Misfeasance Claim from a Liquidator, here are our 5 best tips to help you deal with such a claim.

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We advise on the following areas (click on a section below to expand it):

Advising on Director Disqualification problems

Our director disqualification work covers advising on: Dealing with pre-action correspondence; Advising you as to the merits of the claim and your options; Defending director disqualification proceedings where appropriate; Negotiating settlement by undertakings; Attending meetings with you and your opponent; Applying to court obtain permission even if disqualified. Click here for more on how we can help solve your director disqualification problems, or contact us.

Advising on Company Insolvency and Restructuring Problems

Our insolvency and restructuring work covers advising on: whether you are satisfied with your current financiers; creditor pressure that your business may be facing; re-financing and restructuring your business; personal guarantee claims you may be facing; director disqualification problems; bad debts that you may be suffering; assessing why your business model may be failing; setting up a new business/buying and selling a business out of insolvency; security advice and claims by insolvency practitioners. Click here for more on how we can help solve your insolvency and restructuring problems, or contact us.

Advising on Insolvency Litigation Problems

Our insolvency litigation work covers advising on: Breach of Fiduciary Duties/Misfeasance Claims; Transactions at an Undervalue; Preferences; Validation Orders; Wrongful Trading; Bankruptcy Annulments; The Matrimonial Home; Illegal Dividends and Prohibited Name Issues. Click here for more on how we can help with your insolvency litigation problems, or contact us.

Advising on Commercial Litigation and Debt Recovery Problems

Our commercial litigation and debt recovery work covers advising on: Urgent Court applications and injunctions; Partnership and Boardroom dispute resolutions concerning directors and shareholders’ rights; Winding-Up, Bankruptcy Petitions and Debt Recovery; Search and Seizure Orders; Breach of contract claims; Regulatory Raids; Interference with business claims. Click here for more on how we can help with your commercial litigation and debt recovery problems, or contact us.

Advising on Regulatory Disputes and Problems

Our regulatory disputes work covers advising on: regulatory raids; regulatory interviews; financial crime; HM Revenue & Customs (‘HMRC’) claims; anti-money laundering; directors’ duties; company investigations; investigations by the Companies Investigation Branch; environment agency investigations; HSE investigations; Professional Conduct – Our Solicitor Services; Professional Conduct – Our Solicitors Expertise; VOSA and traffic commissions. Click here for more on how we can help with your regulatory disputes and problems, or contact us.

Advising on Construction Industry Disputes and Problems

Our construction industry disputes work covers advising on: The Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and Insolvency Law; Novation of contracts by Insolvency Practitioners; Completion by Insolvency Practitioners; Advice on completing contracts where the employer has become insolvent; Advice on contractual and tortious liability of construction professionals under building and engineering contracts; Managing project difficulties caused by defects in design and budget overruns; Advice to contractors experiencing employer insolvency; Advising Liquidators and Administrators in promoting business rescue; Investigating the causes of insolvency and its effect on parties to a construction project; Advising on recovery strategies  for and against contractors, subcontractors and construction professionals; Suspending works without terminating contracts; Suspending payments; Recovering payments and Seeking payment of final accounts. Click here for more on how we can help with your construction industry disputes and problems, or contact us.

Latest News

  • Director Disqualification for Misleading HMRC

    Haulier Receives 8 1/2 Years Director Disqualification for Misleading HMRC.  The consequences of misleading HMRC can be very serious, as in this case where the Insolvency Service  and confirmed that Mr Steven Ronald Heard  (‘Mr Heard’) of Chatham, Kent provided a director disqualification undertaking for a period of eight and a half years commencing from 10 May 2016. This story looks at the details of the case, in which Mr Heard’s company owed HMRC c.£655,000 in VAT alone, before suggesting how we can help if faced with director disqualification. » Read More Latest News

Case Studies

  • Misfeasance Claims Case Studies

    We are specialists in defending directors against misfeasance claims, which are often made by liquidators alleging that the specific conduct of a director constitutes misfeasance and therefore a breach of the statutory duties owed by the director to the company and its creditors, under section 212 of the Insolvency Act 1986. This article looks at two of our recent misfeasance claims cases, showing how we advised our client and significantly reduced the claims against them

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  • Successful Commercial Litigation Avoids Losses for Client

    This is a testimonial from a client based in California who instructed us on a commercial litigation matter in which his company were not being paid by the Administrators of a well known UK high street chain for goods supplied prior to the administration. We were able to negotiate a positive settlement in which the goods were released and returned for sale elsewhere, avoiding a financial loss for our client. Had we not been able to negotiate this settlement, our client would have been classified by the Administrator as an unsecured creditor, with the risk of a significant financial loss.

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