Insolvency & Restructuring

How we can help solve your Company Insolvency & Company Restructuring Problems

At the core of most business problems relating to company insolvency and company restructuring is a financial difficulty or a financial consequence. We can help. No hole is too deep for us to make a difference. There are always options and solutions to consider. The earlier advice is taken, the greater the number of options that are available to you.  Click here to see case studies and testimonials for our work in solving Company Insolvency and Company Restructuring Problems.

Our Insolvency and Restructuring team is headed up by Neil Davies and Sukhbir Mall. If you or your business has a problem relating to company insolvency and/or company restructuring and needs advice on how to solve the problem, call us now on (0121) 200 7040 for your FREE initial discussion on the phone or over a coffee, or contact us online.

Company Insolvency Advice & Company Restructuring Advice

We know how to identify the key issues involved in company insolvency and company restructuring problems quickly. We are proactive and experienced in finding solutions for directors and Insolvency Practitioners, using our key contacts in the fields of Insolvency, Factoring, Banking and Invoice Discounting.

Formal insolvency procedures can be used equally well as a shield or a sword.  Sometimes, on the facts of a particular case, no matter how unpalatable such an option may seem, formal insolvency followed by a fresh trading start in a ‘Newco’ is the best and correct way forward for the company, its directors, shareholders and creditors.  We are well placed to advise on such matters.

Alternatively we have a complete range of skills and contacts, which can allow us to look at your issues and suggest a raft of potential solutions many of which, may not involve formal appointments but will provide a sensible solution to what to you may seem an intractable and often irreversible problem.

What we offer is independent advice with you as the focus. We aim to create a solution, which will bring back peace of mind and a successful trading future free of the shackles of your current difficulties.

The areas in which we can help your company insolvency and company restructuring problems are:

Are you dissatisfied by your current financiers?

Quite often, your ability to effectively run your business is inhibited and interfered with by the time that you as a business owner have to spend trying to free up your cash from your invoice financiers.

Relationships with such financiers can become strained and difficult. Here at NDP we have excellent relationships with a number of Factors, Invoice Discounters and Asset Based Lenders who we work regularly with.

If you feel that a free of charge, confidential chat with a new or alternate source of finance might be of benefit to you and your business, then please give us a call on 0121 700 2040. We will be happy to effect that introduction for you.

EXAMPLE: We have recently introduced an existing NDP client to a new invoice discounter, with the whole transaction taking place in a matter of seven working days, to include negotiating termination fees and putting new security documentation in place.

Contact us for help and advice in this area.

Creditor Pressure Your Business May Be Facing – Is your business in financial trouble?

Whatever the reason your business is under pressure with insolvency problems, we can advise you as to how best to address the problem.  The solution may include talking to your creditors, responding to Court or insolvency proceedings or referring you to one of our trusted Insolvency Practitioner contacts, on a free of charge basis, for advice on the formal and informal options open to you and your business. Contact us for help and advice.

Re-Financing And Restructuring Your Business

You may feel that your relationship with your Bank, Factor or Invoice discounter is strangling your business.  We have strong contacts in these sectors to whom we can refer you for a discussion, on a free of charge basis.  You may be one discussion away from a better business relationship. Contact us for help and advice.

Personal Guarantee Claims You May Be Facing

In anticipation of, and in insolvency, it is vital that the director understands from what directions such claims may come and how they can best be managed.  There are a number of directions from which a personal liability can crystalize on a director in an insolvent situation. We regularly advise on these issues and often we can provide clear advice enabling you not to fall into the often highly technical traps set for the unwary. Contact us for help and advice.

Director Disqualification Problems

NDP has a Team of specialist lawyers with unrivalled expertise in this specialist field. Click here for more details on our services for Director Disqualification problems.

Bad Debts That You May Be Suffering

NDP has Team members that specialise in getting your money into your Bank account.  Without achieving that, your business is in peril. Contact us for help and advice.

Assessing Why Your Business Model May Be Failing

We have the expertise to identify such issues.  Whether it is one failing area of your business or a more deep seated problem, we can assist.

Setting Up A New Business/Buying And Selling Business In Insolvency

Entrepreneurs are allowed in England and Wales to carry on in business, even after a company failure. They can often buy the old business back free of its debts and liabilities. This needs to be done correctly in order to avoid future claims. The key is to know how and on what basis to start up again, often free of debtContact us for help and advice.

Security Advice

We advise on the drafting and granting of security and all aspects of this topic. Contact us for help and advice.

Claims by insolvency practitioners

May involve allegations of Preference, Illegal Dividends, Wrongful Trading, claims in respect of your home or a myriad of other such claims.

We advise on these matters on a daily basis. We are well placed to advise you. Contact us for help and advice in this area.

If you or your business is experiencing insolvency & restructuring problems in any of the areas detailed above, we can help. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation or call 0121 200 7040.

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