Spotlight on Gulshan Kumar

So what do you know?  We ask Gulshan Kumar, a contentious insolvency solicitor, what makes him tick.

Why did you become a lawyer?

Insolvency SolicitorFrom an early age I have always been interested in politics, injustice and the law.  That interest only grew as I got older together with my wish to make a difference in the career path I selected.

Your most embarrassing moment as a solicitor?  

No such embarrassing moments thus far, but give me time!

Your proudest moment in your legal career?

There are a few. The first obtaining a Training Contract and the second qualifying as a solicitor fulfilling years of hard work and yes the drinking at university helped! Getting that very ‘first’ result for a client gave a great sense of achievement.

What piece of wisdom would you pass onto a child?

Be humble, work hard and always be honest.  Also strive to help others where you can and always grasp any opportunities that come your way.

What is your unfulfilled ambition?

As with many young boys growing up I wanted to score the winning goal in an FA Cup final for my beloved Newcastle United and also lift the World Cup.  Unfortunately, I was never a George Best and so law it was.

Persons who most influenced your life?

My parents. They have worked their entire lives to provide me with the opportunity to pursue a career in law,  whilst at the same instilling in me (I hope!) compassion, understanding and a determination to succeed.

What do people get wrong about you?

Whilst I enjoy nothing more than meeting new people most likely over an alcoholic beverage, nothing makes me happier then spending simple, quality time with my family and friends.

Pet hates?

The inability of people to be polite, considerate and appreciative of the things they do have. Also, people not covering their mouth or nose when they cough or sneeze.  Yuk!

Favourite book

I read all day for work.  I don’t read a lot in my personal time.  However, I am looking to set aside time to read the autobiography of the late and great Bobby Robson.  I’m sure it will be a fabulous read.

Favourite movie?

This is difficult as there are far too many to list.  However, depending on my mood The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, Goodfellas and the Lord of the Rings boxset is never too far out of reach.

TV or Radio?

Nothing better than after a busy day at work or a session at the gym (we are all getting older) relaxing on the sofa watching TV.  Preferably an episode or an entire season of Game of Thrones.

Favourite song?

Sitting on the dock of the Bay by Otis Redding or Stand by Me by Ben. E. King – We all love a golden oldie right?

Greatest Invention Ever?

Aeroplane and Air Travel.  The ability to fly and be on the other side of the world enjoying a different culture and cuisine (or even into outer space) within only a few hours I still find truly incredible.

Biggest regret?

Not having yet travelled and experienced many of the cultures and countries I find fascinating like China, Australia, Egypt and Russia to name a few.  Looking to change that in the very near future.

The person from history you would most like to have a pie and pint with?

It’s too difficult a question to decide between Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, so both! Such inspirations because even in the face of adversity they were selfless in the pursuit of being the voice for millions on issues of equality, freedom from oppression and peace.

How would you spend your fantasy 24 hours, with no travel restrictions?

With a selection of my close family and friends I would start the day by swimming the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, followed by a safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya. I would then watch the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden and enjoy several slices of the famous New York thin crust Pizza! I would then finish off with a night on the gaming tables and the strip in Las Vegas (Sin City) tiger and all.


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