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Are You Facing Director Disqualification? Don’t Delay, We Can Help

We are award winning Director Disqualification Solicitors specialising in defending Directors facing Disqualification. We have defended Directors in over 200 Director Disqualification cases across the country and have succeeded in removing the threat of, or reducing the length of, disqualification in most cases.

Directors are under ATTACK from the Insolvency Service. Click here to see 8 recent trends in Director Disqualification.

Client Testimonials
"NDP worked hard to defend me and the IS confirmed that they no longer wished to continue with their director disqualification case. I can whole heartedly say that I was very impressed with NDP who really stood up for me.  I would recommend NDP to anyone who faces a similar situation." » Click For More

In this testimonial, our client, a company director, who was accused of causing the company to trade to the detriment of HMRC, explains how we persuaded HMRC to drop the case. " I would recommend NDP to anyone who faces a similar situation."

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"The outcome was better than I could ever have hoped for, the matter was concluded with the avoidance of any costly court proceedings, nor being faced with a Director Disqualification; a position unimaginable prior to their appointment." » Click For More

Testimonial from a client whom we helped through Insolvency Problems and avoid Director Disqualification. He had been subjected to the rather gruelling process of insolvency proceedings through an independently appointed and aggressive firm of Insolvency Practitioners. Contact us for help and advice if you are facing these problems.

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One of the Top Firms of Director Disqualification Solicitors in the Country

Our dedicated team of 7 Director Disqualification Solicitors and their support team has over 140 collective years of experience in this specialist area of law. We achieve results for our clients. No Hole is Too Deep, and the sooner you contact us, the better.

We Know What Your Opponent Wants

It is hugely stressful to receive the threat of Director Disqualification from The Insolvency Service. We know how they work and we know how to deal with them. There are always options and solutions. We know what they are and how to achieve them. We also understand the wider consequences of the decisions you are about to make – which can include criminal prosecution and claims from your Liquidator – and help guard against them.





We Identify Your Options and Objectives Immediately

Right from the start, exploring all of your options, looking at the wider consequences of intended action and deciding on the right course to pursue is vital. Our Solicitors will explain your options and agree those objectives (and the cost of achieving them) with you.

Cost Effective and User Friendly

Based in Birmingham, our rates of charge compare very favourably with those of our competitors, and are especially cost-effective when compared to similar forms in London. We also offer fixed pricing structures, and regularly work with our clients in this way.

People deal with people. You have to be comfortable with us, if you are trust us at this most difficult of times for you. The decisions you are about to make and the outcomes that are available to you, will influence your future.

Birmingham Based, UK Wide Coverage

We represent directors all over the UK and beyond. Geography is no bar to us helping you today.

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